Sinophobe Amboy solons debunked


The “China withdraw funds for train” episode has as expected passed into the filing cabinet of “false news and disinformation” and simply thrust into fore the truth that China’s lending policies for the Philippines and other developing countries are truly fair, just and productively promoting development and progress.


President Bongbong Marcos (PBBM) also showed his decisiveness in swiftly laying all the cynicism aside by ordering immediate opening of renegotiations for the loan packages for the three train projects, namely the South Luzon Long Haul 600 km. train project, the Subic to Clark rail project and the Tagum-Davao-Digos stretch of the massive 1,000 km. Mindanao circumferential railway.


The week earlier the Amboy and anti-PBBM elements in mainstream and social media feasted on the disinformation that emanated from the malicious reported of DOTr undersecretary for trains Cesar Chavez who clearly stated that it was the DOF under Sonny Domingo that terminated the first negotiations to give the new administration “leeway”.


Two solons jumped into the media melee over the distortion of the information, Reps. Joey Salceda (some sa Salceday) of Albay and Rufus Rodriguez of Misamis Oriental, urging government to specifically turn away from Chinese loans on the erroneous impression that Chinese loans ensnare countries into “debt traps” – a notion debunked again and again by so many objective studies.


Now, the wrong impression these solons have added by their publicity stunts have been debunked by a post from the RTVM (Radio Television Malacañang) showing a chart provided by the DOF how the interest rates quoted by Japanese Yen loans can cause serious misunderstanding – a Yen loan carrying 0.08% converted into US $ can mean a 2.7% interest rate, in many projects higher than Chinese interest rates.


We should congratulate RTVM and the DOF for publishing this and helping protect the public from the disinformation campaign of the malevolent Americans and their boys (Amboys) –



That settles the issue and disinformation, and the imbroglio lasted for about a week. Now it’s over, China’s stature has again risen one notch as well as President BBM’s, and the anti-China elements and sinophobes again suffer again another debacle adding to their ten years discreditation now facing complete credibility collapse.


Zelensky scapegoating


The reports of Ukraine President Zelensky’s firing of Ivan Bakanov, chief of the Security Service, and Iryna Venediktova, the prosecutor general, and 60 more employees in both offices, reveals some realities about Zelensky’s situation that leads one to conclude that the war is really going very bad for Zelensky and his Western allies.


First of all, it shows how incompetent Zelensky has been in selecting the people he depended on or, conversely, how effective Russia has been in subverting Zelensky’s government and organizations. Secondly, it shows how weak U.S. intelligence is on Ukraine’s overall security situation and assessment of Zelensky’s competence. Coming at this point in the war, this adds to the conviction that all but lost.


I was told by a Russian friend that the presence of Russian loyalists permeated the whole of Ukrainian society, even in the Western non-Russian regions. So, it is indeed almost impossible to keep secrets about Ukrainian government moves from the Russians. I tis why I am not surprise that many of the eight HIMARS rocket launchers supplied by the U.S. have been found and destroyed by the Russians.


Ukraine is lost to the Western allies and the U.S. this adds another mark of shame and failure to the 21st Century’s first three decades of U.S. debacles that reduced its image and influence to not just a regional power controlling North American and Europe but a fading one at that. In a few more years we can expect Western Europe to fully wake up and denounce the way the U.S. has destroyed them with this Ukraine proxy war. Have a good day Filipinos. Our nation is now on the right side of History!





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