US: The Hand in the Zelensky Puppet Glove

Truth Blast by Herman Tiu Laurel

               Quickly scanned a few opinion columns of the Manila Times and another particularly shallow columnist of the Business Mirror all exhibiting the same historical and geopolitical myopia falling into the propaganda pit the West dug for their ilk.

                This Antonio Contreras for example writes of Ukraine as a sovereign state but the fact is the subservience of the West Ukrainian government presently under President Zelensky to US diktats are plain for anyone to see: from its inception in the 2014 Maidan “Orange Revolution” where the US “unipolar-worlders “ Victoria Nuland paraded US instigation by openly personally distributing sandwiches at the Maidan rallies, boasting in her March 2014 speech at the US-Ukraine Foundation of $ 5-billion US spent to support the dismantling of the elected Yanukovych government and hand-0picking of successor Yats. Here, Contreras is caught with his pants down.

                Yen Macabenta, on the other hand, I catch red-handed dishing out dubious news as factual information in citing and quoting reports from a US-troll Indian news source WION: about the so-called killing of Russian Chechen Gen. Magomed Tushayev in action during the takeover of the Antonov Airport. Other sources of Macabenta cited are Get India News, news, the notorious fake news purveyor Daily Mail,, Go figure why a veteran journalist cannot find more credible sources for evidence. Macabenta has had a string of lemons in recent years, such as this and a series on Sinovac based on fake news too.

                The Manila times really strikes out just reading its highlighted first three columnist today (March 1). The third is this Ben Kritz who describes Russia’s action as “unprovoked and unjustified invasion” omitting again the facts of history: the Maidan regime change that shaped the subservient character of every Ukrainian government post-February  2014. Kritz criticizes Duterte’s neutral position on the Ukraine war (which has since been contradicted by his American-boy Locsin at the UNGA) when that is the principled and just stand that should be taken by all conscious citizens of the World against US hegemonism and uni-polarism. Then he criticizes the Philippines’ purchase of Russian Mi-17 transport helicopters which the US had also bought in 2013 due to its low cost and reliability.

                Emmanuel Dooc of the Business Mirror idolizes “former actor and comedian” on how this diminutive character “can lead his small, beleaguered nation and withstand the onslaught of one of the most powerful military powers in the world” missing the fact this is only the fifth day of the  operation and Russia has been treating Ukraine with kid gloves that included peace talks Zelensky sought as early as the third day of the operation. Dooc is one columnist I have recently followed due to the idiocy of some of his pieces, like his advocacy to return he Philippines to the “two-party system” like Lacson. Dooc obviously have not memory of how badly criticized the two-party system is here and, today, in the U.S. due to the paralyzing polarization and the dearth of ideas it creates.

                All of these writers are also inexplicably blind to the eight years of atrocities and genocide West Ukraine has been committing against East Ukraine, i.e. in Luhansk and Donetsk or the Donbass region where 15,000 civilians and security people have perished from the constant shelling from West Ukrainian forces.  Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups have claimed the sniper-assassinations of riot control police to cripple security efforts but are also know to have shot protesters to inflame public sentiment against Yanukovych. These neo-Nazi assassin have also claimed the assassinations of Donbass independence leader such as Arsen Pavlov aka “Motorola” and others. The omission and historical amnesia of these four columnists can be considered indictments of their integrity as writers and journalist, making them pro-US and Pro-NATO Filipino opinion writers as among the many, like Rappler, US hacks. It could be that behind these writers is the $ 500-million additional budget from the US government for disinformation operations in the Anglosphere media which these writers in English are part of.




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