Rage Against Proxy War: Reject EDCA, Joint Patrol: Princess Lady Ann Sahidulla Statement          

Statement February 15, 2023

Forum on “Rage Against Proxy War:  Reject EDCA, Joint Patrol

The Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement is a mere executive agreement which is being made to appear as if it is a treaty that is meant to assure Filipinos that the latter will be protected by America from any threat of aggression in Asia by the enemy of Democracy specifically identified as China. 

Filipinos are made to think that America will protect them and keep them safe when the reality is, that the EDCA is designed to benefit America’s military more by giving them access to new bases after they departed the Philippines in 1992.  America controls the Philippine military having deeply ingrained the U.S. War Doctrine and would always undertake joint sea patrols or war games as in the Balikatan Exercises, which are meant to simply methodically blind the Philippine’s Security Forces.  The truth is, America simply needs bases near Taiwan where they can launch their so-called preemptive strikes against perceived enemies, like as of the moment, is being identified as, China.  The ensuing flashpoint will use Taiwan as the major issue similar to what is happening in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.  It is clear that America is out to establish their unipolar rules-based world order where their resultant hegemony will be a continuing American Empire and they continue to expand the presence of their military and naval forces in the entire world.  This they do given that they already have over 850 bases all over the world and executive agreements like the EDCA and the VFA (Visiting Forces Agreement) are their favorite tools.

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