by Jose Alejandrino

Bongbong fell into the same trap as Zelensky did in believing the Washington neocon narrative that Russia and China pose a threat to world security.

While other countries in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East have woken up to the fact that it is not Russia or China but the US and Western European countries who are the neo-colonialists bent on maintaining their hold over them to exploit their natural and mineral resources, the Filipinos still believe in Uncle Sam being the Great White Father who will protect them. Pinoys never learn from history because of 50 years of Hollywood.

The Deep State composed of the bigwigs of the US military-industrial complex and the World Economic Forum founded by Klaus Schwab (referred to as the Davos Club) that advocate a New World Order, a World Government and a Great Reset of Society had been planning for years on how to capture the United States. It has largely succeeded, witness the coalition between the liberals of the Democratic Party and US leftists with a smattering of Republicans in the US Senate and the weaponization of the US Department of Justice, the CIA and the FBI to intimidate the political opposition of conservatives in the Republican Party personified by Donald Trump and through control of the liberal US mainstream media to advance the agenda of the Deep State. It has become apparent in the widespread corruption of the US political system through revelations of the Biden business dealings and money transactions after the Republicans regained control of the US House of Representatives and its judiciary and oversight committees investigating the same. Because of these revelations that were hidden when the Democrats controlled the lower house and were unreported in US mainstream media, recent polls show a sharp drop in the approval rating of President Joe Biden against whom the Republican Speaker of the lower house, Kevin MacCarthy, has started an impeachment inquiry. The mounting evidence against Joe Biden and his son Hunter of having received through bank transactions of shell companies they created so far show $20-million paid to them by foreign entities. Given the mounting evidence and the sharp drop in Joe Biden’s rating in opinion polls now in the 30% bracket, resulting in a possible impeachment, the likelihood of Joe Biden being re-elected or even being his Party’s nominee to run for president in the forthcoming November 2024 election, has faded. This is evident by the increasing popularity of other Democratic candidates, notably Robert F Kennedy Jr, running for the presidency. Facing whoever will be the Democrat candidate is Donald Trump, clearly the front runner among Republicans, which explains all the trump-up charges in different States by Democrat prosecutors to prevent him from running for the presidency. Whether it be a Trump versus Kennedy contest, for the American voters there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Both Trump and Kennedy happen to share the same views on many issues, like ending the war in Ukraine, curbing the power of the US military-industrial complex, refocusing on US domestic issues like the economy and illegal immigration, and a superfluous need to maintain a costly network of US military bases abroad given America’s nuclear stockpile to ensure her enemies Mutual Assured Destruction from Fortress America.

There is a growing consensus that Ukraine lost the war. Most Americans are now opposed to Congress giving additional billions requested by Biden to fund the war, particularly in light of the rising US national debt now at $33-trillion whose annual interest payment alone of one-trillion dollars to service such a debt exceeds the US defense budget.

As I had predicted months ago, Biden’s political career is over. So is Zelensky’s. With no more US funding, he will be obliged to sue for peace with Russia and disappear from the scene. That is the price of being a proxy to a lost war. Zelensky had backed the wrong horse instead of being neutral. He destroyed his country, its people, its army. The same thing can happen to Bongbong by backing the wrong horse. Biden was a loser from the start. Only comedians believed in him.





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