Spirit of a Traitor: Macabebe Mentality


by Alfred Ang

Philippine Coast Guard Commodore JAY TARRIELA had just expose himself as a certified traitor by aiding, defending and justifying America’s interference in our county’s internal and external affair.

Tarriela’s treachery was inspired by the US and emboldened him to question Pres. Bongbong Marcos’ foreign policy, disrespect the honor of the Dept. of National Defense and putting words in the mouth of the AFP by issuing statements of lies and inventions, distortion, inaccuracy, and misrepresentation on the SCS issue. Slandering people who are genuinely defending the Philippines against US aggression and intervention by outlandish calling them traitors.

Tarriela’s defending US aggressive behavior in Asia and the Pacific and using our country as a launching pad for military action against their perceived enemies and dragging our country into a war that is not ours should deem him unpatriotic and a traitor to the flag and to our people.

PCG Commodore Jay Tarriela, an American boy disguising as Pro Filipino, can be likened to the Traitor Macabebe Scouts. In 1901, American General Frederick Funston and his troops captured Philippine President Emilio Aguinaldo in Palanan, Isabela, with the help of some Kapampangans (later called the Macabebe Scouts after their home locale) who had joined the Americans’ side.

The technique of American infamy is to employ Filipinos like Tarriela et al. to start two lies and get people arguing heatedly over which is the truth.


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