Grayzone or Twilight Zone?


The “Chinese Maritime Militia” and “Grayzone” scaremongering has been the top stories of the mainstream media the past two weeks, but it’s now subsiding again with none of the allegations of Chinese harassment substantiated. This is the cycle every three months or so for the past ten years. In fact, when cornered in a senate hearing, the Philippine Coast Guard admitted that they had never had a full disclosure of their allegations.

See this item “PCG admits lack of disclosure on China’s previous aggressions in WPS” By Jelo Ritzhie Mantaring, CNN Philippines. The same PCG keeps alleging Grayzone ships of China which has never been substantiated by the PCG nor the Americans, they just repeat and repeat the allegations until the fake news become true in the perception of the innocent public.

What is “grayzone”? It is defined as “activities by a state that are harmful to another state and are sometimes considered to be acts of war, but are not legally acts of war” or “a situation in which it is not clear whether something is legal or illegal, acceptable or not acceptable, etc.” In America’s use of the term referring to Chinese fishing vessels which they claim are disguised “armed maritime militia” (they would not be militia if they are not armed).

The same Americans also allege that Vietnam has a very active “maritime militia” and they have many reports and articles exposing this – but no proof either. The Americans don’t highlight these allegation of Vietnam’s “maritime militia” in the Philippine media to avoid dissipating the “China threat” scaremongering. Here is evidence that the U.S. are also seeing the ghost of Vietnam’s “maritime militia”: Vietnam Beefs up its Maritime Militia, Still Dwarfed by China’s Special to BenarNews (Benar News is a US media front).

The U.S. and its Amboys are actually trying to mesmerize the Filipino public with the scare stories by bringing the Filipino audiences to the Twilight Zone, that zone between reality and fantasy that was the title of a Sci-Fi cum Horror TV series in the 60s that scared the wits out of us kids, curdled our blood churning nightmare in our sleep. The real horror in the Twilight Zone series is often the “Alien” monster hiding behind the weird happenings. But that’s the reality in our region today, the real horror is not the neighboring countries that can always discuss their claims and find win-win solutions like the PHIL-China Oil and Gas sharing deal which is being scuttled right now by efforts of the US-linked oligarchy to sabotage it for private profit of their finance-energy group. The real monster in our region is the alien U.S. imperialist, neo-colonialist and hegemonistic power with its NATO confederates trying to do a “Ukraine in Asia”.





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